Wet Uranus Silicone-Based Anal Sex Lubricant


DESIGNED FOR ANAL PLAY: Wet Uranus Silicone sex lube was specifically designed to provide the best lubricating experience during anal intercourse. This paraben-free formula is clear, odorless, non-sticky and latex friendly. It is formulated with premium, high grade silicone and offers a thick slippery glide for seamless play. No matter your experience be sure to enjoy your polay and go to the unexplored with ease and pleasure.

THICK PURE SILICONE BLEND: Wet Uranus Anal lubes are thicker than traditional silicone based formulas, providing you with the extra cushioning needed for backdoor play. Never sticky or tacky, this pure silicone based formula does not absorb into the skin and they are anhydrous so they do not evaporate like water-based formulas

LONG LASTING FORMULA: Wet Uranus Silicone Based Lubricant provides exceptional durability, apply once and it will last you all night long. Uranus Sex Lube Works under water and will not break down. Unlike water based formulas, Wet Uranus Silicone is long lasting and won't evaporate or break down in water; perfect for use in the shower or spa

DR. RECOMMENDED: Wet Uranus Silicone Based Sex Lube is a thick silicone blend doctor recommended as an over-the-counter solution for personal dryness and has been cleared as a Class II 510(k) Medical Device to be used in conjunction with all types of condoms.

MADE IN THE USA: Manufactured by Trigg Laboratories, Formulated in a cGMP compliant laboratory. Manufacturer trusted for over 30 years. Packaging may vary. The look of the bottle has been updated, but this lube still contains the same premium high-quality ingredients as before.
Packaging May Vary 

Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone

Customer Reviews

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Cortney Coletta
Absolutely my favorite

This is the best lube I have encountered yet! It absolutely fantastic with toys also with your partner as well. It lasts for a while with both as well. My favorite part is it doesn’t become stick it stays the same consistency the whole time. It’s also very easy clean up and doesn’t take forever to get off. This is my all time favorite lubricant that I have found so far.
Thanks for making an amazing product. I truly enjoy and appreciate it.

Trust your journey with a lubricant that can go the distance.

For the ultimate experience during anal intercourse. 

This lube is perfect for shower, spa or long duration of backdoor play.

Formulated to offer the greatest lubrication while never drying out.

Manufactured by Trigg Laboratories, Formulated in a cGMP compliant laboratory.